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Get Paid To Share Your Expertise Without 'Icky' Sales Techniques

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the 2-Day Intensive Workshop

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Do you notice that...

The Loudest,

Not The Best

Always Seem To Get Rewarded

The last marketing event you went to was exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

The person on stage showed tons of examples of how other experts are selling their knowledge, but left you wondering if ‘dancing like a monkey’ on camera is the only way to get sales?

​Ugh. You KNOW that’s not your personality, and you couldn’t imagine disrespecting your craft with those kinds of hype-sales methods.

 It almost feels like that style of marketing would even push your smarter, dream customer AWAY.

Trying to not feel defeated, and like you wasted your time and money to be there, you venture out into the hallway to ask others how they’ve been getting so many sales online.

It doesn’t take long for you to see the living embodiment of the phrase, ‘the loudest, not the best, is getting paid the most’, (and then a slick, noisy, and overbearing “influencer” pedals their half-cocked offer to another sea of heads).

You ask yourself, "Is this really what it takes?"

As you walk back to your hotel room, you determine that you “might as well try” the strategy you just learned during the last session. And so you close your hotel door, turn, and click “go live”.

3, 2, 1 … you're Live online...

... and decide to “lead with value” as you’ve seen others do before. Even if you’re not the best storyteller, your expertise is real, right?

And, you’ve spent years perfecting your craft, (even though you’re beginning to get the sense that the word “expert” is being thrown around a little too easily in this space).

As you finish your Live video on social media... a barrage of emotions fills you up because

no one bought from you still. How? You just taught “that thing” which took you YEARS to discover and perfect.

Didn’t anyone watching understand what you said or even SEE your genius?

And you quickly bat away the thought that “maybe just dumb people know how to sell”...

It’s beginning to dawn on you that you’re a teacher...

but also teaching isn’t selling…

and so how on earth is your expertise gonna get into the world without using all of these dumb, overly-noisy, ultra-hype-machine methods, which seem to be selling all those other offers
(most of which have no real substance)?

What unorthodox, but smart marketing method could you use in the next 30 days, to attract your dream customer in droves...

Without resorting to that hype-y sales techniques that don’t match your personality, or your value?

Tired of feeling invisible in a sea of noisy, hype-filled marketing? 

We get it.

You’ve mastered your craft, and you deserve a return on the genuine value you bring. It's time to build and market your business that is as

authentic as you are.

Join Us June 25th-26th @ 9am-1pm MST

Why This Workshop?

Because the loudest shouldn’t be the ones getting all the attention. We’re here to help you stand out for the right reasons.

It’s frustrating to see others grab all the attention with flashy tactics while your genuine efforts go unnoticed.

That’s where we come in.

Our approach helps you market your expertise without the hype, focusing on what makes you unique.

Imagine sharing your knowledge and connecting with your audience in a way that feels natural and authentic.

Let’s turn your frustration into success

Before the Workshop:

  • Feeling Ignored: You pour your heart into your work, yet it feels like no one notices or cares. It's frustrating and demoralizing.
  • Struggling to Stand Out: Flashy tactics grab all the attention, leaving you feeling invisible and undervalued.
  • Pressure to Compromise: Hype-filled marketing methods make you feel uncomfortable and disconnected from your true self.
  • Experiencing Self-Doubt: When genuine efforts don’t yield results, it’s easy to question your worth and abilities.
  • Overwhelmed by Ineffective Strategies: Spending time and money on tactics that don’t resonate with your values leads to stress and burnout.
  • Missing Opportunities: You have valuable skills to offer, but the struggle to be heard leaves you feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

After the Workshop:

  • Feeling Recognized: Gain the visibility and appreciation you deserve for your hard work and genuine expertise.
  • Standing Out Authentically: Attract attention for the right reasons with a clear, compelling message.
  • Marketing with Integrity: Use methods that align with your true self, without resorting to hype.
  • Boosted Confidence: See the value of your efforts reflected in real results, reinforcing your worth and abilities.
  • Effective Strategies: Implement tactics that resonate with your values, reducing stress and burnout.
  • Seizing Opportunities: Clearly communicate your unique skills, making it easier to connect with your audience and fulfill your potential.

What You'll Get

GeekOut 2-Day Intensive

2-Day Intensive Workshop
($697 Value)

Dive deep with us to extract your unique story and clarify your message.

​You'll gain the clarity that’s been missing, helping you articulate your origin story and connect with your audience on a profound level.

Personalized Umbrella Framework Session
($500 Value)

Personalized Umbrella Framework Session
($500 Value)

A private, one-hour session to develop a framework that communicates your unique value.

Ensure your authentic voice resonates with your audience, making it easier for them to connect with and appreciate your expertise.

the 2-Day Intensive Workshop

When You Say "YES" Today You Will Get:

Ticket to the 2-Day Intensive Workshop

Extract and Clarify

Alpha Offer Creation

($697 value)

One-on-One Session with the Geeks to Create your Unique Umbrella Framework

($500 value)

Ticket to the 2-Day Intensive Workshop

($697 value)

Extract and Clarify

Alpha Offer Creation

One-on-One Session with the Geeks to Create your Unique Solution Framework

($500 value)

Total Value $1197


Join Us June 25th-26th @ 9am-1pm MST

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